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Newsies Sites

Listed below are lots of Newsies sites. Well, most of the sites I could find. If you don't see your site please leave a comment, and I'll visit it and add it as soon as I possibly can. Click on the picture, or the title of the site to go and visit. And don't forget to come back to Newsies Online for all your Newsies needs! Thanks, and enjoy!

Note: Please do NOT steal from other's sites, unless you have their permission to have information from their site. This will avoid people getting mad at you, and will save everyone a head ache. Thank you very much, now enjoy the sites!

  • 4-A-Buck-I-Might
    By: Cap

    Blood Drips Pics
    Newsies Now (and Then)
  • 44th And 2nd
    By: Sketch

    Great graphics including icons and backgrounds
  • City Hall Park, 1899
    By: Newspaper Annie
    Information about the REAL strike, just about everything you need.
    Writting a paper on the real newsboys strike? This is the site you want!
  • The EB Banner
    By: Belle

    Adopt a Newsie Chickie
    Newsies Karaoke
    Marry a Newsie
    Newsie Dictionary
    Newsie Dreams
    Newsie Theme Songs
  • Double-Or-Nuthin
    By Sparks

    Newsies Drinking Game
    Newsies Movies
    Newsies Songs (not the typical Newsie songs)
    Custom Holiday Newsie Pics
    Dates To Remember
  • IMDB: Newsies (Internet Movie Database)
    The Internet Movie Database Newsies Site (and if I may say, the boards are awesome)
  • Lost In New York
    By: Brooky

    We've got a Problem : Unique observations, and awesome
    Over all, very creative site
  • The Manhattan Newsies
    By: Celtic

    After the Strike
    What if? - when the newsies are placed in different films
    Gallery: GIFs, Look-A-Likes, Pictures
  • Mayhem’s Movie Madness
    By: Mayhem

    Gallery : Great Gifs and Marvolous Modified Images
    Sound Clips
  • Mousie's Newsies
    By: Mousie

    Articles: Interveiws from when Newsies was in production
    Fun Facts
    Games: A couple of Racetrack's games that you can play
    By: Racetrack

    Other Pictures
    Sound Clips
    The Newsies
    Newsies Now
    Newsie Rally
    Boards (The Boards are located off the site, but you can go straight to them by clicking here.)
  • Newsies Junkie
    By: Ace

    (Awesome) Icons made by the author of this site herself
    Current 'Christian Bale' layout
    The site is currently being revamped, so it might take some time to get everything up and runnin' again.
  • Newsies on a Mission
    By: CowGirl

    Newsies Movie Posters
    Quote of the Week
    Question of the Week
  • Newsies Screencaps
    By: Katie
    21 Pages of pictures from the movie Newises. Definatly worth the trip.
  • The Newsies Union

    Add your name, and see who the other newsie freaks are, and look into their sites. See some old friends, and maybe meet some new folks.
  • The New York Article
    By: Laura

    The Dancing
    Real Strike
  • Once Upon a Time in 1899…
    By: Julianne

    Transcript of deleted scenes
    A type out of the Newsies Novel
    Rare Candid pictures taken on set
    Christian Bale's Newsies Auditon Photos
    Scans of the Newsies Banner
    Articles: Publications from when Newsies first came out
  • Over the Brooklyn Bridge
    By: Lindsay
    Becmoin' a Newsie
    What's in a Name?
    Newsie Name Generator
    Newsie Adventure Generator
    Talkin' Like a Newsie
    Sellin' Papes
  • Psycho Fangirls
    By: Heraldtalia R & W (siblings)

    Some GREAT Newsies and Bale vids, and other great vids and goodies too.
  • Sarol's Newsie Fan Page
    By: Sarol
    Newsies Postcards
    How To Live Newsies
    Weird Newsies Stuff
  • Sell-Da-Papes
    By: Ace

    Info on all the characters

Newsies Connections

On the links and sites below you will find forums, and ways to get in touch with other Newsies Freaks. Enjoy, and who knows, maybe I'll see ya there!

  • Angry Kids with No Money

    (I'm on this site! My username is Prince, if ya wanna look me up.)
  • IMDb: Newsies (Internet Movie Database) Not only is it a good newsie site, but the boards there are awesome. Do look into it! (I'm on this site! My username is Queen_Of_New_York, if ya wanna look me up.)
  • Page Nine

    (I'm on this site! My username is Prince, if ya wanna look me up.)
  • New York 1899

    (I'm on this site! My username is Prince, if ya wanna look me up.)
  • Penny a Pape

    (I'm on this site! My username is Prince, if ya wanna look me up.)

Newises Elsewhere

On the following sites are other places were Newsies Media can be found. For example, videos, quizzes, and fanfiction, and other stuff too. If you know of a sponsored site like these Newsies on it let me know, and I'll add it here. Just leave a comment. Thanks, and hope ya like 'em!

  • Newsies
    Newsies is very popular, and is fourth highest in the category of movies. *Beaten only by:
    Star Wars (15,712)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (7,544)
    X-men: The Movie (5,486)
    Newsies (5,043)
    *Statistics Last updated: May 24th, 2006
  • Quizilla: Newsies

    Quizzes on Newsies (obvious)
  • You Tube: Newsies

    All the vids you could hope to find on Newsies

Newsies Rallies

Every so often Newsies Freaks get together, and have a party, namely, a rally... "A Newsie Rally." Right now 2 are in the process of being planned for the summer of '06, and one for the summer of '07. Here are information, and links to the sites with information on these rallies.

Western Rally: California (2006)

  • They're meeting in Southern California, Anaheim, or possibly out of state, and plan on watching Newsies, seeing the old sets, and meeting a few of the Newsies themselves.
  • Exact dates are currently TBA
  • General Information at:
  • Find more info at the Intenet Movie Database Newsies Boards (you'll have to create an account). Topic title: "Newsies Rally - - July in Cali - - Meet Trey Parker - - Pop-Tarts!"
  • Contact the owner of the Newsiesfreak site if you're interested, or for more information. You can find her address on the site.

Midwest Rally: Chicago, Illinois (2006)

  • When and where: July 20-23 2006. Chicago Illinois. On the 20th everyone is going to meet under The Marshall Fields Clock and must be wearing a Newsie hat!!! They are going to be staying at the HI-Chicago Hotel {} Note: if you are under 18 you must have an adult with you.
  • Their going to be watching Newsies, dancing, watch Newsie related movies, or movies with Newsies in them,
  • The group is also going to see Marty Belafsky at Zanies, but the exact date has not been determined yet, though it's down to 2 days.
  • General Information is at:
  • Find more info at the Internet Movie Database Newsies Boards (You'll have to create an account). Topic Title: "Midwest Gathering"
  • Contact information can be found at bottom of the Double-Or-Nothin site listed above.

Eastern Rally: New York (2007)

  • Their celebrating the 15th anneversary of the release of Newsies.
  • They plan on watching Newsies, visiting Newsies sites (like the statue and Brooklyn Bridge) and doing Newsies activieies (like yelling off the Brooklyn Bridge!).
  • Dates are July 27-28. Come any time on the 27th, but definatly be there by the morning of the 28th.
  • General information is found at:
  • Contact information is found at the bottom of the NewsiesFreak page listed above.

Please do not contact me on any of these rallies, I will be of no help at all, so please contact the specified contacts for the rallies. If you go, hope you have a good time! If not, then perhaps another time.

"Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square"

Ah, the wonderful parody... "Blood Drips." Here are some sites that go with the great movie made while... making the movie... does that even make sense? Anyway, here's the sites.

  • Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square!
    The home and order site of the wonderful newsie horror film spoof
    Director: Michael Goorjian
    Producers: Max Casella, Trey Parker
    Filmed by: Ivan Dudynsky
    Staring: Newsies
  • Blood Drips Right Here

    A truly awesome “Blood Drips” fan site with anything from the horror spoof you could want or need.

Little about me, and a Link!

My name is Prince, well, dat's what my friends call me anyway, it's not my real name. It's my newsie name! See, I wrote dis story a while back, an' da lead character's name (a goil) was Prince. Well, my friends started callin' me dat, and it sorta stuck. I've been a newsies freak since February of 2005, and I intend ta stay dat way for a while. I can be found on a few sites at princeofnewyork, and a couple sites I'm Queen_Of_New_York, so if you ever see dose names ('specially the Prince one) it might be me, so say hi! I make Newsies Icons too, if anyone wants one. If ya do jus leave a comment somewheres on hear requestin' one (an' be real specific so's I can make it da way youse want). Jus thought I'd throw dat in there. Oh, and excuse da accent... I've been tryin' ta perfect it recently.

Hey, if ya do have a site of your own, why not put up a link for others to come and share in the Newsies wealth here at Newsies Online? Infact... I'd consider it a major favor. And, if your site's not listed just leave a comment, and I'll put it up asap! So, here's all you need to link me:

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